How Restaurants are Handpicked

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    Food is the star: the center of the plate. It is the cumulative, edible results of chef training, planning and execution. It is more than mere sustenance, it feeds our soul as well as our body. It doesn’t have to be fancy food – or it could be. It just has to sate.

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    Formally, the restaurant business is part of the hospitality industry, and when eateries open their doors and invite folks in to sit and share a meal, it should be with warm greetings and done promptly and professionally.

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    Our eyes are the first beneficiary of a restaurant visit, so the atmosphere is very important. It could be a greasy spoon diner with the view of a jukebox, it could be an opulent fine dining eatery with vistas of the beach. But it should be clean and – most importantly – comfortable.

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    We all like to be relevant, and so do restaurants. But a place doesn’t have to be the latest and hippest, or have just gotten recognition from a big time food critic to be relevant. But consider: are things what they should be here, and now?

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    Value is something very subjective; only we can say what something is worth to us. When dining out, a blue plate lunch special may be just the ticket, but depending on the circumstance and situation, a meal at $100 a plate may be worth it.

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    It’s been said that location is everything: is a restaurant convenient to home, work, entertainment venues? Is parking or public transportation nearby? Is it easy to get in, and get out? Location may not be everything, but it is an important something.